Magazine 02 - 2024

Magazine 02 - 2024

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Q’s in orange color are updated

Visitor information

  • When : Thursday May 18-2023, 13.00h / 1 PM to Sunday May 21-2023, 15.00h / 3 PM.
  • Location:
    Landgoed Middachten 3
    6994 JC  De Steeg
    This is the address for your family.
    All attendants will be informed by email how to plan your route to the Festival location or read the information HERE.

Q: When can I register?

We’re very sorry, but the registration is closed.

Q: Can I cancel my ticket?

Yes you can, but there will be no refund anymore from May 8, 2023.
Selling your tickets to someone else is still an option 😉

Q: Till what date can I register?

Registration closes on May 4, 24.00h, or sooner when the maximum registration (750 cars) is reached.

Q: Who can register?

Any member of LRCH,  member of a foreign Land Rover Club or a Land Rover owner can register and participate. If you are a Land Rover club member, please submit your membership number when you register.

Q: Do I register a car or number of participants?

You register number of participants with or whiteout a car. For instance 2 adults and 2 children. You can register a maximum of 5 adults (that’s including the driver).

Q: I don’ t want to stay overnight at the campsite

If you don’t want, or cannot stay overnight on the festival camping site, there also are possibilities to stay in the direct area.
For example:

Please find more information from the local Tourist Information Office  

Q: Can I register at the location?

No, online registration closes at the latest May 4, 24.00h.

Q: Is parking for free available?

Yes, you can park 1 car per registration for free. If you have more cars (for instance a car specially for the Concours) you have to park it in a location designated by the organization. You can park there on own responsibility, surveillance is not guaranteed.

Q: We want to attend with a group of friends, can we camp next to each other?

It is possible, but we can’t make reservations. If you want to camp as a group with more cars we advise you to gather outside the location and to check in at the Central Post (CP) together so you can arrive at the campsite as a group.

Q: Is day care available?

No, but we do have lots of activities for children age 5 to 100.

Q: What is the first aid procedure?

In case of an accident or calamity, first make sure you and anyone around you are safe. Mark the place of the accident or incident and call for assistance of the Marshall/CREW members, or call 112 for emergencies and try to give emergency relief . The First Aid Post is located near the Central Post.

Q: Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed but the dog should always be kept on a lead at the location. You have to clean up after your dog(s) because except for the event the location is normally used to herd cows. Cows can become very ill because of dogpoo… So please only walk your dog in the designated places.

Q: How do I find toilets and showers?

There are multiple locations with toilet and washing/shower facilities. You can find these on a map of the location.
Deposit of chemical toilets is only allowed at the signed places. These can be found at the toilet blocks.

Q; I want to camp with a caravan, is electricity available?

There are multiple power points (230V) available, but we cannot guarantee nearby availability. So bring enough extension cord.
More information about electric hook up can be found here.

Q: When can I arrive on site?

You can arrive from Thursday May 18th 2023, 1 pm

Q: The program allows various activities. Can I participate in all?

Basically the program is in such a way that there is a taste for everyone. Some program components, however, have a limitation in participants, hence some parts are available on multiple day parts. Register for such a program item in the CP. Everyone can enjoy as much as possible of what the LRCH has to offer.

Q: Is there horeca at the festival location?

Yep. We provide a horeca location in an English pub atmosphere.
More about the horeca can be found on this page.

Q: Do they offer some alcoholic drinks?

Also yes; a pub without a little bit of alcohol is not a real pub, but we say no to underage drinking. Your ID may be asked.

Q: Can I get some food at the festival?

Yes you can!
We provided some food trucks on Thursday and Friday evening where you can catch a large variety of food.
The food trucks are situated in front of the castle. Read more info.

Q: Is there a breakfast service?

What better start than a cup of coffee from the coffee truck and a few hot rolls and croissants?
It’s an anniversary weekend and you want to please your family with a breakfast!
The bakery is open from 07.00 am.
All the information about bakery and breakfast service can be found here.

Q: Is there an ATM at the location?

No, there isn’t any at the location.

Q: Can I receive guests at the location?

No, the LRCH 35YRS anniversary is a closed event open exclusively to registered persons. This way we keep it safe and reliable.

Q: Where is the nearest supermarket?

At less than 10 minutes drive there a several supermarkets in the town nearby called Rheden.

Q: Can I make photo/video of the event?

Yes, for your own use.

Q: Can I make recordings with a drone?

No, because of the (air) security policies and for protecting the privacy of fellow festival attendees, flying with drones and making pictures with drones is not allowed.
Only the organization has a permit during the festival.

Q: Can I make a fire?

Since we stay close to the National Park Veluwe, we have to be extra secure to nature fires. Regulation can be changed due to another fase of possibilities of fire hazards. 
Hereby the regulation in normal situation, fase 1.

A small fire is allowed, only if there is a closed dish at the bottom of the fire. The estate Middachten doesn’t want to have any ash or embers touch and damage their grass.
When lighting a fire, it has to be high enough above the grass to ensure this. Closed stoves and heaters are allowed as long as they follow the guidelines above. Gas stoves and charcoal BBQs are also allowed. For the embers and ash residue there will be a special metal trash bin.

During the event, there could be changes to the rules in case of environmental changes and added fire hazards. If this were to happen, the fire department and the safety coordinator/ head of the event will keep you informed.

Everyone who wants to start a wood fire needs to make sure they are aware of the rules active at that time.
Firewood can’t be taken from the nearby woods and is something you have to bring yourself.
The distance between any fire and sleeping accommodations needs to be a minimum of 2 meters at all times.
With every fire and bbq, you will need to have an adequately sized bucket of water or sand as a means of extinguishing the fire.

Q: Can I use my Quad to travel on site?

No, due to safety reasons Quads and mini bikes are strictly prohibited on the festival site.

Q: Electricity is not guaranteed, can I bring my own resource?

Although we try to provide all the camping places with electricity, we can not guarantee the availability everywhere. Solar panels and (small) windmills you can place at your campsite are welcome, provided safety is not at risk and they don’t cause nuisance to other participants. Generator sets are not allowed.

Q: Can I arrive earlier or depart later than given times?

No, related to planning and preparation of the festival grounds it is not possible to deviate from scheduled times.