Magazine 02 - 2024

Magazine 02 - 2024

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LRCH 35YRS | English

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Registration closed! May 18th – 21rd  2023
4 Days of international Land Rover Festival!

It’s coming near. Maybe it is far from now to think about, but save the date!
After the spectacular anniversary festival back in 2018, it’s time for us to think about the next one. And this one will even be better!
Be prepared. Main reason of course, is our 35th anniversary of the Land Rover Club Holland.
But besides there are a few other reasons to party. You can find out about the program in the menu.


We managed to get probably the best location for the event; the grounds of Middachten Castle in De Steeg.
More information about this location can be found here.

What’s on?

The year of establishment of the club is the reason to go back in time. The time of disco balls. Back to the 80s also.
The atmosphere will be English and eighties.
Later this year the time tables will be here on the website.

If you want to know what it will be like, watch the movie of our 30th anniversary event.

You will find out what we have on the program here.
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Do you have any questions yet? We can understand your enthusiasm.
Please check our special FAQ page with answers on questions on the event, f.e. about camping, the program etc.

Do you have tips of ideas for special items or so? Please use this page to get in contact with our team.