Magazine 01 - 2023

Magazine 01 - 2023

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Sorry, we’re sold out!

Sorry we’re sold out.
Way faster than we could have imagined.

The tickets for this amazing event simply vanished from our webshop. Don’t be sorrow, because there is still a chance to come and see the events.

The public will be able to visit the Concours dElegance on Sunday may 21st.

More information will be available soon.

Will you be there?

As mentioned before, the sign in for the anniversary event has ended!

We can’t wait to open the gates to this amazingly awesome International Land Rover Festival. Here you can spend the whole Ascension weekend surrounded by all things Land Rover. Come take a look at the breathtaking classics, sniff up the smell of adventure with the Camel Trophy and discover all the different routes in the Off-Road terrain. At the end of the day, everyone will meet at the festival square for food, drink and music. Meet old friends and get to know new ones.

A rough outline of the program with everything you can expect is now online and you can check it here.

Just checking.

Do you want to know if you have electricity at the tent / caravan? Can I bring the dog? Is there something fun for the kids to do? Can I get some groceries somewhere nearby? You can find these kinds of questions and more on the FAQ page. Check this before you register, then you know everything.


Tickets for the Festival can be purchased online from January 7, 2023.

Early Bird 
7.1. – 1.3.2023
child 0 – 3 jaar €     0,00
child 4 – 18 jaar €   55,00
adult €  110,00
After 1.3.2023
child 0 – 3 jaar €     0,00
chid 4 – 18 jaar €   65,00
adult € 130,00

If you can’t see the whole list, please scroll the list.

Update regarding payment

Despite us trying to offer as many different payment options as we could, we have found that on rare occasion, some payment options aren’t working properly.
If this is the case for you, it would be best to select the UK as your country.
Please see the added screenshot.
The payment option should change to credit card. In many cases this should help resolve the issue.

If you keep running into problems, please contact the organization via email.