Magazine 01 - 2024

Magazine 01 - 2024

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Could it be better than this; the grounds of Landgoed Middachten in De Steeg (NL)? We don’t think so.
Around the Middachten Castle will be the place of our 4 days international anniversary party, camp ground and central place.

From now on we will work on the rest of the programm. So follow us on our social accounts and stay tuned!

About Landgoed Middachten

The name of the Middachten estate looms up in the mists of history from the twelfth century onwards. In 1190 a certain Jacobus de Mitdac would be present at the city law granting of Zutphen. In 1315 there is the first mention of a house on the Middachten estate. Everardus is then the lord of the castle. The estate remained in the possession of the van Middachten family until the seventeenth century. After that, the possessions passed to daughters a few times, causing the family name to change. In a female line, the current lord of the castle Graf zu Ortenburg descends from Everardus van Middachten from the fourteenth century. (source: Radio Gelderland)

We will be holding our international party on an area of ​​approximately 10 hectares.
That seems big, but take it from us that we need this to be able to store all participants with their camping items, together with the sanitary facilities and tents / pavilions.
As soon as we have an impression of how we are going to organize it, you will be able to find it on the website and socials.

Would you like to get an idea of ​​what an LRCH anniversary means? Check out the film of our 30th anniversary!

You will experience what will happen next at a later stage. Follow the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the anniversary in which we will also regularly inform you of further updates.