Magazine 01 - 2024

Magazine 01 - 2024

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Camel Trophy | Tribute

Celebrating Camel Trophy

Started in 1981 with only a few cars, the Camel Trophy would become a world event for adventurous peoples. Even now, seeing a Camel Trophy Land Rover passing by, the memories aren’t far away.
1998. It was the last year of Camel Trophy using Land Rovers.

Now in 2023, we want to tribute and celebrate the Camel Trophy Land Rover years among our LRCH 35th anniversary party.
We want to show a big amount of (original) Camel Trophy cars, if possible from all around the world.
The idea is that among our Land Rover festival there will be lectures about the good old days of the Trophy.

Therefor, the Dutch participant Raoul Jacobs will take part and tell us about his experiences back in 1989 in Amazon.
Beside Raoul, RobVisser has confirmed that he will take us with his adventurous experience during the last ‘Land Rover Camel Trophy’ in 1998, using the (by then) new Freelander.
But we are also looking for some more participants and/or staff members to tell their story to the public. Are you in to share your story? Please contact us.

As we celebrate also 75 years of Land Rover, we will organize a concours / static show. Your Camel Trophy cars has to be a part of it.
We also offer a big space for your club, so please bring your Camel Trophy fellows and pre register now!

Any questions?

If you have a question about the attending the Camel Trophy part of our Land Rover festival, please contact our team.