Magazine 2021 - 02

Magazine 2021 - 02

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The LRCH 4D Challenge is a demanding contest which has two central themes: Land Rover driving skills and physical ability. Every day teams will face demanding and surprising challenges designed to test perseverance and physical condition.

We think the 4D Challenge is one of the greatest international sporting events for teams of two Land Rover drivers, pushing their boundaries for four days.

This spectacular four-day international competition is held throughout the Netherlands and surrounding countries biannually and is open to Dutch and foreign teams (male, female or mixed). Only 30 teams of 2 two persons and their Land Rover can attend.
What’s in it (amongst others)

  • Cross-country obstacle runs
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain bike rides
  • Land Rover off road trial stages
  • Navigation tasks
  • Special (surprising) tasks

The experience of competing in this event is just as important as winning, however after four days of endurance only one team will be crowned the proud winner of:
LRCH’s 4D Challenge 2021, The Next Level!

The 2021 edition will be organized from: Wednesday 12 to Saturday 15 May 2021

This edition has been canceled due to the corona pandemic. The organization is looking for opportunities to move the competition to 2022.


Wrap up and general information

  • The competition is open to international teams.
  • Off road driving skills are just as vital to win the competition as athleticism and navigation.
  • The contest is suitable for all types of Land Rover which is in a good, street legal condition with at least all terrain tires. A winch, M/T tires, raised air intake or other modifications are not necessary.
  • You do not need to be a professional athlete, but all participants must be able to swim, run 10 km and cycle 40 km.
  • Entry fee EUR 800 (one team of 2 adults and 1 Land Rover). Please note when registering before 1 July 2019 a 100 euro early bird discount is applicable!
  • All teams receive a tent, a set of 4D Challenge shirts, car stickers with their team number and lots of sweet memories with new Land Rover loving friends.
  • All teams must be self catering, external assistance for camping/transportation/cooking is strictly forbidden.


It is allowed to be sponsored as a team. In the preparation, equipment, maintenance of the car etcetera. It is mandatory to wear the 4D Challenge shirts supplied by the organisation, other shirts are not allowed. Stickers of sponsors may be applied to the car, but the front doors, bonnet and windscreen must stay clear for 4D Challenge stickers.

Information and sign up

  • The registration is closed, the maximum number of participants has been reached.
  • For (general) information please send us an email