What is the 4D Challenge?

    The 4D Challenge is a four-day international competition held throughout the Netherlands and surrounding countries organized by the Land Rover Club Holland.The 3rd instalment will be organized from: Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd of June 2018.This demanding contest has two central themes: your Land Rover and the physical ability (at least capable to run 10, or to cycle 40 kilometers) of you and your teammate.

    • Survival run: cross-country obstacle runs
    • Canoeing/kayaking: competitors need to be strong swimmers
    • Mountain biking: don't let the lack of mountains in Holland make you think it will be easy 
    • Land Rover trials: tricky technical challenges will test your (co)driving skills

    Every day you will face demanding challenges designed to test your perseverance and after four days a team be announced as the winner. The 4D Challenge is for teams of two people who are in possession of a Land Rover. At least one of them has to be, or has to become, a member of the Land Rover Club Holland. The competition is also open to foreign teams. The contest is suitable for all types of Land Rover. The car does not need to have a winch or mud tyres; but technical driving skills must be demonstrated where the team must show that the car is under control at all times. More Information or online sign upFor more information, please get in touch.Online Registration for the 2018 edition (June 20, 21, 22 and 23)